We Offer Much More Than Painting Services

We Offer Much More Than Painting Services

Learn what else we can do to improve your home or office space

Dealing with dents in your drywall? Want to restore your garage floors? Need a hand with your home improvements? Call Dubon Painting Inc. We can help with all kinds of projects around your home or office. Contact us today to schedule the services you need.

5 reasons to choose Dubon Painting

For over seven years, we've been providing quality drywall repair, garage floor refinishing, pressure washing and carpentry services for home and small business owners. Want to spruce up your home or office but aren't sure where to start? Call us today if:

  1. You've got cracks in your garage floor. We can resurface the concrete so your garage floor looks brand new.
  2. You have a hole in your wall. We specialize in drywall repair. We can also paint your walls when we're done-visit our Interior Painting page now to learn more about this service.
  3. Your home is stuck in the '90s. We can smooth out popcorn ceilings, refinish cabinets and remove wallpaper.
  4. Your white siding looks green. We can pressure wash your home or building and give it a fresh coat of paint.
  5. You've noticed wood rot on your deck. We can do small carpentry jobs, including replacing rotten wood. We can also stain your deck to give it a fresh look.
Leave your to-do list with us. Call us at 704-323-9530 today to get a free estimate on any of these services.